MultiGen coordinates the availability of any of the following dental services to patients who otherwise would not be able to easily access care.

Dental Examinations

Our skilled team will provide gentle and compassionate oral examinations to provide care and treatment recommendations for your residents. Both preventative and essential for diagnosing.
Thorough oral exams can help caregivers spot health complications in their early stages. Proactive dental care can both improve quality of life and extend life expectancy.

Full Service Cleanings

Regular dental care is one of the core foundations of good healthcare. Preventative maintenance supports oral care, allowing your residents to more fully enjoy eating, chewing, and reduce health-related challenges.

Extractions and Fillings

When the treatment plan indicates fillings or extraction, you can be assured that our team will operate in the most efficient and compassionate manner.

Denture Services

A healthy mouth supports healthy habits. Dentures are considered part of an effective treatment plan where indicated. From consultations to fittings, we craft personalized solutions for a natural-looking smile and improved quality of life.


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